Project Description

Case Study: Dope Music True Music

Dope Music True Music is a hip hop music label located in Atlanta. They are a group of talented emcees who strive to create dope and relatable content through their music. Their focus is to bring back inspiration, imagination and creativity to our youth. DMTM came us to with an idea for their label and asked us to create it. They knew they wanted a vintage microphone and a crown incorporated in their logo. We took their ideas and created their logo using an old-school microphone and an ornate crown fixated on top with Dope Music True Music engraved in the crown. To illustrate DMTM’s passion for their art we chose colors that represented power, royalty, success and compassion.

Color Samples

Initial Concept Planning

We begin our logo design process by creating a few different sketches using information we’ve gathered during our meeting with you. We incorporate colors and designs that represent your brand and your personality. Once we have a few sketches we like, we chose the ones we think best fits your brand.

Draft Review & Revisions

Keeping you involved is important to us. Since this is a collaborative process, we will send you the sketches we think will best suit your brand and your needs. We encourage your feedback and determine if any revisions need to be made.

Final Delivery

Once a final decision has been made, we will send you your style guide, assets and logo in a variety of formats.

I was looking for someone to create a new logo for me for my music group. We were beginning a new year and I wanted something to be able represent us in a way that we wouldn’t have to change it ever. I was referred by a friend about Future Vintage and I must say, Im very glad that I was put in contact with them. They were very personable and reliable. I gave them the idea that I had and not only did they bring my idea to life, they capitalized on it! They have a great team of creators and I have found a great company that I can depend on to create exactly what I’m looking for. I Highly recommend them to anybody and everybody!
Brandon Isaiah, Dope Music True Music