Project Description

Case Study: Norbert’s Kitchen

Norbert is a research and development chef based in Chicago. He wanted to start a blog that allowed him to post new recipes and support his growing  portfolio of food photography. Norbert didn’t want to be burdened with the details of constructing the site nor did he want to pay monthly installments to showcase his passion. To help him simplify the process of blogging his culinary skills and photography we built him an easy to use Word Press site with built in nutritional information and an elegant Lightbox feature for his photography.

Retina Ready

We want you to look your best. We ensure all of your graphics and content images are sharp and bright when viewed on a retina display. There is no substitute for quality.

Responsive Design

Our responsive web design approach allows your customers to optimally view your website across multiple devices. Whether they are on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop your website will respond to sizing and navigation effortlessly.

Photo Lightbox

Lightbox allows for images and videos to be magnified on your website to become the main focal point while everything else fades in the background. This feature lets your skills really shine.

Recipes On Demand

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Intuitive User Interface

Norbert’s Kitchen had to be easy to use for both the users and Norbert. We designed the site to work like a traditional blog – this allowed Norbert to post recipes right on the login screen of his site, keeping the distractions to a minimum. Our built-in tagging and menu process allows Norbert’s subscribers to sort recipes by skill level, time to cook, rating or course.

Print or Digital

We incorporated a photo-free print option that removes all of the backstory and images from recipe posts, this lets Norbert’s followers print their recipes on one page. We also made each recipe post scalable for the more tech-savvy iPad chefs.